TCKL: TerHaar's homer pushes Nationals past A's

Tribune Staff • Jun 7, 2018 at 12:17 AM

The Tri-Cities Kids League opened up its season this weekend with boys and girls anxious to hit the diamond and break out their new home-run trots. Here's a look at some of the action from the first installment of the TCKL weekly update.


Nationals 12, Athletics 9

For the Nationals, Micah TerHaar had two hits, including a home run, and two RBIs. Kaidin Traxler had two hits, including a double, and scored two runs, while Austin Barnes had a hit and two RBIs. For the Athletics, Dakota Keeler and Ethan Rabideau each had two hits and scored two runs, while Jacob Boon had a hit.

Nationals 16, Rangers 4

For the Nationals, Brayden Clark recorded three hits, including a double, with two RBIs. Glenn Bonter added two hits and scored five runs, while Cameron Mesler had two hits and two RBIs.

For the Rangers, Austin Slootmaker and Jared Bushen each had a hit, while R.J. Laffrey started a triple play.


Hot Rods 18, Tin Caps 2

For the Hot Rods, Cameron Riedel pitched three singles, while James Friggens snagged a low line drive, then kept his wits and got the ball right to first. Jackson Grimes had his first minor league showing on the mound and kept the Tin Caps at bay.

Marlins 8, Lake Monsters 2

For the Marlins, Parker Buikema struck out all six batters he faced, while Nathan Clausing pitched two scoreless innings and Bristen Randels had one hit and two good defensive plays. For the Lake Monsters, Jack Jerovsek pitched two and a half innings, striking out four batters and added a strong defensive play at shortstop. Vance Hubner pitched a scoreless relief inning, while A.J. Reardon had a single.

Reds 6, Timber Rattlers 3

For the Reds, Daniel Russell had a double, while Mason Roll recorded seven straight outs as pitcher and Royce Butler had a double.

For the Timber Rattlers, Landon O'Donel pitched two strong innings, while Vinny Derenne recorded two outs at first base and Max Haig recorded a hit.

Marlins 12, Timber Rattlers 9

For the Marlins, Sam Ladronka pitched three scoreless innings, while Carter Wells had two hits and Shane Brosnan had a clutch two-out hit.

For the Timber Rattlers, Owen Burgess had an unassisted double play, while Charlie Olmsted had a double with three RBIs and Landon O'Donnell pitched three solid innings.

Iron Birds 6, Cardinals 3

For the Iron Birds, Taggert Kelly only allowed one hit in three innings and record a multi-hit game from the plate. Alex Batka pitched through three innings, while Caden Bienick added a triple and a double from the plate.

Lake Monsters 10, Iron Birds 1

For the Lake Monsters, Alex Gannon pitched three strong innings, racking up nine strikeouts and adding an RBI double. Owen Malaski pitched the final three innings, adding eight strikeouts and ripping a three-run home run, while Michael Wilgenburg also added an RBI single.

Reds 9, Dash 2

For the Reds, Hayden Roll pitched two innings and recorded six strikeouts, while Will Mastenbrook added three hits and Gavin Dewald got the game ball for taking a hard hit off the leg as the catcher and getting back in the game and recording a hit.


Angles 15, Dodgers 7

For the Angels, Kaylin Solack caught a pop fly at the pitcher's mound, while MaKayla Kozal hit a double and Lindsay Ladd has a single. For the Dodgers, Isabella Redding caught a pop fly at third and Chyanne Keeler and Jonah Hayes each hit singles.

Pirates 11, Angles 10

For the Pirates, Estella "Mustard" Kuiper pitched two flawless innings, retiring all batters she faced, while Kirsten "KVan" VanOrman powered the Pirates offense with her second inside-the-park grand slam home run of the season. Ella "Pickle" Hawke played a great defensive game at catcher.

For the Angels, Kaylin Solack and Kadence Hren had great showings on the mound, while Lindsay Ladd made an excellent throw from catcher to third base, cutting down a runner attempting to steal.

Pirates 19, Dodgers 10

For the Pirates, Estella "Mustard" Kuiper pitched two scoreless innings, striking out four batters. Kirsten "KVan" VanOrman powered the Pirates offense with an inside-the-park grand slam home run and also pitched one and a half innings, striking out three batters. Adalyn "Lightning" Teunis had a double at the plate and played strong defense.

For the Dodgers, Addison LaDronka had a hit and scored two runs, while Chyanne Keeler pitched two strong innings with three strikeouts.

Tigers 17, Angels 16

Ava Meiste had two hits, while Jordan Smith added a hit. Alia Zuidema closed out the final inning, striking out three batters and securing the win for the Tigers.


Razorbacks 14, Bulldogs 4

The Razorbacks were led by Reece Robson, Trenton Watt and Corbin Gundy, all with excellent pitching performances. The Bulldogs were led by Tyler Bradtmueller with two RBIs and Justin Hancock with three steals.

Sun Devils 9, Tigers 0

For the Tigers, Rockne Smith and Austin Meiste each pitched two innings, while Curtis Buitenhuis pitched two innings without giving up a hit and Adam Haug hit a triple.

Hurricanes 13, Rams 6

The Hurricanes were led by the strong pitching of Sam Kuiper and Sam Bajt, while Chase Taylor went 3-for-3 at the plate. The Rams were led by Jonathon Clausing with a solid game pitching and Cayden Smoka, who did a great job in the field with some solid pitching as well.

Hurricanes 16, Tigers 3

The Hurricanes were led by Cole Gavrilides at the catcher position and strong pitching from Carson Clink and Justin Johnson. The Tigers were led by the strong play of Austin Meiste with three hits, while Ethan Dougherty struck out three batters and had one hit.

Wolverines 8, Jayhawks 1

For the Wolverines, Declan Ellenwood went 4-for-4 with three runs scored, while Connor Lakatos added solid pitching and a successful bunt and Nathan Dodd went 3-for-3 and struck out six batters in a row.

For the Jayhawks, Kaiden Brugger pitched two solid innings, while Korey Weekly added two solid innings at catcher.

Jayhawks 7, Rams 3

For the Rams, Brendan Howard went 2-for-2 with a double and a single, while Jonathon Clause pitched one inning and hit a single from the plate.

For the Jayhawks, Devyn TePastee threw out an attempted steal at third base from his catcher position, while Bryce Collins caught two shutout innings when he had never played from the catcher position prior to the game.

Wolverines 10, Razorbacks 10

For the Wolverines, Trenton Dushane crushed a two-run home run over the center field fence, while Ethan Burns hit two triples. Clutch pitching by Declan Ellenwood helped the team hold onto the tie.

For the Razorbacks, Jimmy Cain pitched three innings and went 3-for-4 at the plate, while Chase Leeuw pitched two innings in relief and Brixton Rose went 3-for-3 at the plate.


Bulls 7, Storm 5

Jack Harris and Will Harrison played well in the field for the Storm, while Caleb Clausing went 3-for-3 at the plate. For the Bulls, Hunter Toppen made a great catch in left-center and Miles Grew was 2-for-2 at the plate.

Riverdogs 10, Grasshoppers 0

The Riverdog bats were alive and active on opening day as the entire roster recorded hits. Pierce VanStratt, Grayam Beyer, Jase Neiger and Finn Williams each went 3-for-3.

Storm 10, Thunder 3

Barrett Clark and Drew Hammerle led the Storm attack, while Elliott Lane fielded well at third base. The Storm was led by the bats of Gavin Davis, Will Trudell, who recorded his first career double, and Liam Becker, who also played well in the field.

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