Celebrating All Saints Day

Krystle Wagner • Nov 2, 2018 at 11:00 AM

SPRING LAKE — Students clapped and sang “As the Saints Go Marching In” at St. Mary’s Catholic School on Thursday afternoon.

The school’s eighth-graders led the parade of younger students, who were dressed as saints. Parents and staff watched and cheered as middle school students created a tunnel for their classmates to walk through during the parade.

The daylong celebration started with the students helping with music and readings during the morning Mass.

Father Dave Gross of St. Mary’s Catholic Church said he was thrilled that the students were excited to dress up as saints and remember the reason they’re here. St. Gregory Nazienzen, who wrote about humans’ roles being to become like God and doing so through Christ, is a saint Gross said he considers among his favorites.

Gross said Halloween is the eve of All Saints Day, which is a day to remember people who came before them.

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