Meet Mrs. Goffnett’s kindergarten class

Krystle Wagner • Jan 11, 2019 at 12:00 PM

This feature sheds light on the work students and teachers are doing, and it lets the community know what makes each class special.

Here’s more about this week’s featured classroom:

Name: Mrs. Goffnett

Grade: Kindergarten

School: Robinson Elementary

What makes your classroom special? In our class, we are truly a family. Each one of my students bring their own strengths to make a positive impact on our family. I am so proud to be a part of a team where I am able to watch these kids work in small groups/partnerships and they are building each other up with encouragement and kindness while working together to complete a task. We love to laugh, grow, and reflect on our learning.

In addition to the curriculum, what are some things you teach your students? We have really been working on having a growth mindset (empathy, persistence, resilience, optimism and flexibility) in our classroom. As a kindergarten teacher, I am given the opportunity to be apart of building the foundation for these kids by shaping them into lifelong learners. I tell my kids everyday that it is okay to make mistakes. I often point out mistakes that I have made to model for them that mistakes are just another way for us to grow as learners.

What special project is your classroom working on now? January is just such a special time in kindergarten. All of our practice of letter and sound identification, blending and sight word practice will start to pay off. This is the time of the year where the students just take off with their reading and writing. They are able to start applying reading and writing strategies to their independent work. I just love being able to sit down to confer one on one with the kids during this month as they are so proud to show me all of the hard work that they have been doing.

As we come back from a two-week holiday break we are starting to learn about Martin Luther King Jr. and what an impact he had on our lives today. We will be participating in several activities, crafts, books and lessons on Martin Luther King Jr. throughout the next few weeks as part of our district initiative to celebrate diversity.

How is your classroom involved with the community? We absolutely love having volunteers from our community come into our classroom. We have a backpack book program that allows parents to come in and give the students another audience to read to. They look forward to these days! We also welcome surprise guest readers into our classroom to celebrate reading.

Another example of community involvement is our celebration of local law enforcement. Every year my team tries to recognize our local law enforcement staff in the spring. We typically leave this up to the kids on what they want to do to celebrate the amazing job that our officers do for our community. Last year, we had over 20 local law enforcement show up for a donuts and drive through that our kindergarteners planned every detail. Everything from making invites, mailing them out, choosing the donuts and decorating signs to show our appreciation. Each year, this day get better and better. I can’t wait to see what this group of students can come up with!

How do you hope what your students are learning now will affect their future? I hope that when my kids leave my classroom everyday that they know just how special they really are, and what a positive impact they can make by just being kind to others. I hope that they know they can do anything they put their minds to. These kids are fully of creativity and I love watching them grow throughout the years here at Robinson!

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