Police crack down on speeding, illegal passing on M-104

Becky Vargo • May 11, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Motorists may have noticed an additional police presence recently along the M-104 corridor, from Fruitport Road to M-231.

That’s because the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office and Michigan Department of Transportation have teamed up to address complaints from individuals about speeding and passing on the right, said Sgt. Jason Kik of the Sheriff’s Office.

On Monday, while patrolling over a two-hour period, Kik said he ticketed three people for traveling over 70 mph on M-104, which has a top speed of 55 mph. The fine for speeding starts at $115 for going 10 mph over the speed limit.

Kik said he also ticketed several motorists for passing on the right.

“People say they didn’t know they couldn’t pass on the right,” he said. “That’s illegal” to go onto the shoulder and go around another vehicle that has stopped and is waiting to make a turn.

The fine for passing illegally on the right is $125 plus 3 points on your drivers license.

Kik said a meeting was held earlier this year to discuss the problems on the highway. In attendance were representatives from the township governments, the Sheriff’s Office, MDOT, business owners and trucking companies. 

MDOT supplied the funds for the added police patrols.

Police were targeting certain hours, Kik said, and the hot spots are 150th Avenue near TED’s Restaurant, west of 140th Avenue at Hortech and Java Boulevard, the entrance road to Magnum Coffee. 

“I think we’re making a positive impact already,” Kik said.

The M-104 campaign officially begins Monday. There is no set time for the campaign to end.

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