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Tribune tweaking comics offerings

• Aug 5, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Beginning today, the Tribune’s daily comics offering will change. 

Hi & Lois, Pickles and Blondie will remain as part of the Monday through Friday lineup. New offerings include Beetle Bailey, B.C., Wizard of Id, Dilbert, Garfield and Ft. Knox. 

The weekend edition will also be tweaked, expanding from 11 to 17 comics.  

We’ll continue to offer Baby Blues, Blondie, Hi & Lois, Zits and Lockhorns, and will add Garfield, Dilbert, Dennis the Menace, Curtis, Beetle Bailey, Mutts, Family Circus, Funky Winkerbean, Hagar the Horrible, Sally Forth, Ft. Knox and Wizard of Id. 

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