'I like destroying things'

Krystle Wagner • Jul 13, 2019 at 4:00 PM

With screwdrivers and rubber hammers, children dismantled devices at Grand Haven's public library Thursday afternoon.

Electronic devices no longer working — such as computers, GPS, keyboards, phones and printers — were among the items taken apart during the Tech Take-Apart event at Loutit District Library.

Elliot Hauser-Brydon, 10, used a screwdriver to get to the inner workings of a CD player. Hauser-Brydon said he found it “interesting” to take it apart.

“You get to see how technology has evolved over the years,” he said.

When a screwdriver didn’t work, 9-year-old Jeremiah Clawson used a rubber hammer to open a phone. He said he planned to create a robot with the parts he removed.

Clawson said he felt “good” taking devices apart.

“I like destroying things,” he added.

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