Get to know City Council candidate Eric Brenberger

Tribune Staff • Jul 31, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Name: Eric Brenberger

Age: 46

Occupation: Plumber in the Tri-Cities area

Education: Criminal justice at Kalamazoo Valley Community College, B.A. in aviation management at Baker College

Community involvement: I had the privilege of serving the citizens of Grand Haven on the Zoning Board of Appeals and as chairman of the Planning Commission for a combined total of nine years. During my time on the Planning Commission, I was involved in the Master Plan rewrite jointly with Grand Haven Township and appointed to the Red Ribbon committee. The Red Ribbon committee graded and prioritized the city's aging infrastructure, the results of which are now being implemented.

What unique qualities or experiences make you a good candidate for the council? As a plumber in the Tri-Cities area, I have the unique opportunity to talk to citizens and businesses on a daily basis, which allows me to gather invaluable insight into the community's concerns. If elected, I will continue to voice the concerns of the community.

What do you consider the top issues facing the city, and how would you address them? We are not a tourist town. We are a community that welcomes visitors. Our citizens and businesses have to come first. We need to continue to balance the rights of property owners who choose to rent on a short-term basis with our full-time, part-time and long-term residents. This is a fluid situation that needs to be reviewed and addressed on a regular basis.

Our safety needs to be a priority, from water safety to a community feeling of well-being. Although many strides have been taken to address water safety, we need to continue to strive for zero drownings. Working with local organizations to educate and implement warnings is crucial. A red flag is not enough.

Although most consider Grand Haven a safe community, we are not immune to crime. The Department of Public Safety and the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department should have all the resources needed to continue to keep our city safe.

What do you consider the city’s strengths and how would you build on them? Our citizens, businesses and city staff are second to none. This is what makes our community unique. I absolutely love this community and would stop at nothing to protect it.

Is there anything you would change in Grand Haven? Why and how? I would work to eliminate the divide that some citizens feel between "east and west" Grand Haven.

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