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Get to know BLP trustee candidate Todd Crum

• Aug 2, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Name: Todd Crum

Age: 56

Occupation: I spent more than 29 years working at the BLP, the majority of them as a supervisor, until retiring this past spring.

Education: After graduating from Grand Haven High School, I joined the United States Navy Reserves. After serving eight years in the Navy, I attended and graduated from MCC.

Community involvement: I have served our community as vice chair on the Historic Conservation Commission; I am president of the Alex Crum Memorial Foundation; for many years I participated in the Ottawa County Day of Caring program; I currently serve on the Sandpiper Association Board. I enjoy being outside, and my favorite pastime is walking our spectacular waterfront with my wife. I also enjoy playing golf and watching the Lions during football season.

What is the single most important issue for the BLP during the ongoing energy transition?

I think the single most important issue for the BLP during the energy transition is to build smart. I support smaller generating units to be built, and sooner rather than later. Local generation and local control is very important for our community.

How important are renewable resources to Grand Haven’s energy future?

Currently, the Board of Light & Power meets all of the federal-mandated renewable energy requirements, and is on course to meet future requirements. Shutting down the coal-fired plant is a win for our community. As renewable energy becomes cost effective and reliable for customers, the BLP should keep adding clean power to its energy portfolio.

How important is it for the BLP to be transparent to its customers? How do you ensure transparency?

Transparency is important. I would like to see City Council and the BLP trustees working closely together to solve our community needs. I would like to see more BLP customers attend the board meetings. I would recommend that the meetings be held in the evening rather than in the afternoon. Perhaps this could help members of our community to attend.

Would you change anything about how the BLP does business? How?

The BLP is looking toward transitioning into an Advanced Metering Infrastructure. This automation is overdue and is a must to better serve our community. I will push for implementing AMI.

Twenty percent of BLP outages are caused by trees. I would like to see more tree control around the distribution system to help prevent unwanted disruptions.

I have worked more than 29 years as a leader in the electric utility business, and I am up to the challenge of serving as a BLP trustee. The Board of Light & Power has some big challenges ahead, and I am ready to help lead our utility toward success. My goal as your BLP trustee will be to make sure the BLP continues to provide us with local control, low rates, reliable power, transparency and a voice for all.

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