Cell tower going up off Hickory St.

Marie Havenga • Jul 2, 2019 at 2:00 PM

SPRING LAKE TWP. — “Can you hear me now?”

Cellphone reception for Verizon customers may soon improve in Spring Lake Township.

The Township Board recently approved conditional rezoning for a new cellphone tower to be installed along Hickory Street off 148th Avenue, just south of Busche Aluminum, 14638 Apple Drive.

The 172-foot tower, with a monopole design, is scheduled to be constructed this summer.

“That area north of Fruitport Road is kind of a little bit of a dead zone,” Township Manager Gordon Gallagher said. “I think most people will be appreciative of it.”

Gallagher said cellphone tower construction has become much less controversial.

Township officials sent notices to all of the surrounding property owners about the potential cellphone tower. During a recent public hearing at the township Planning Commission level, no one expressed opposition to the tower, according to Gallagher.

“This is kind of stuck back a little bit,” he said of the tower location. “Hickory does not get that much traffic. I don’t think it’s a place people drive right by.”

The township is also serviced by cellphone towers on the VanWagoner Road water tower and in Central Park in Spring Lake Village.

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