Obituary Policy

Death notice

We offer a free Death Notice. It is limited to name, age, city of residence, date of death, and if any funeral home is handling arrangements. That is also put online.

Paid obituary

Anything more than what is in a free Death Notice would be a paid obituary. You can include a photo. Write it the way you want it to appear; we only edit for clarity and grammar, and check for other mistakes.

The cost is $21.25 per column inch, which is about 30 words per inch. A photo adds about $40 to the cost.

Your obituary (and photo, if included) will now also appear online at no extra cost.

Send the obituary (and photo) to news@grandhaventribune.com and include a phone number. Specify what day(s) you want it to run. Each day is charged separately.

Funeral homes that we don't normally have an account with and families (private parties) must prepay. We will require a credit card number and expiration date in advance.

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